You asked for it and we have produced it! With 3% CBD per bar this high quality Surepure soap will provide an all over benefit to your skin. We have tested this product out and had some amazing feedback!

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There is certainly a big demand for this amazing CBD soap bar and it made complete sense to add it to our ever-growing range of skin care products..

Made with organic beeswax, organic coconut oil, hemp oil, hemp extract, vitamin e, organic vanilla extract, lemon and honey, this soap is perfect for all over use.

This 90g CBD soap is approx 13cm in length and approx 10cm in width

Surepure CBD products are fully lab tested to ensure the highest quality and purest ingredients are put into all our products. SurePure are fully registered with all the appropriate governing bodies, ensuring consistency throughout all of SurePure CBD products. SurePure are in constant contact with their organic farmers ensuring that SurePure oils and products are produced to the highest levels.

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